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Trend Busters -- today's free list of stocks breaking out or breaking down

Every week we review all the stocks and ETFs listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ, over 6000 securities in all. As a byproduct of this process we generate Trend Buster signals based on classic technical trend analysis. As a form of price action trading, we make no judgements about the financial or valuation aspects of the stocks or ETFs we highlight here, we simply look at the price trend.

How to use Trend Buster signals as part of your Trend Trading Strategy

Identifying the change in trend soon after it occurs gives investors the opportunity to make the most money by riding the new trend from the very beginning. Our Trend Buster trend trading signals show you the way.

One caution: in volatile markets trends can change directions quickly. Be careful and do your own due diligence!

- SELL Signals

Using daily data, we look for stocks that have broken down below their trend lines. Trend lines are constructed using the daily low prices. A stock or ETF must fall 5% below the trend line to trigger a SELL signal.

Trend trading strategy: Investors should evaluate the chart and, if in agreement with our identification of a trend breakdown, initiate a short position.

- BUY Signals

Using daily data, we look for stocks that have broken out above their trend lines. Trend lines are constructed using the daily high prices. A stock or ETF must rise 5% above the trend line to trigger a BUY signal.

Trend trading strategy: Evaluate the chart and, if satisfied with our determination of a bullish breakout, initiate a long position.

Scroll down to review this week's data in a tabular format.


35 TradeRadar Trend Busters for OCTOBER 1, 2022 -- based on Daily data:

(click column headings to sort, hover over Symbol for chart, use Shift-Click to sort on multiple columns)
[ Trend Busters based on weekly data ]

SignalSymbol NameExchange Last PriceMarket Cap PE RatioPrice to Sales Price to BookPEG Ratio Debt to EquityPrice to Free Cash Flow Cash Flow Yield Dividend Yield
SELLAEPAmerican Electric Power CompanyNasdaqGS86.45$44,412,305,40817.05N/AN/AN/A1.37N/A-1.08%3.56%
BUYAGYSAgilysys, Inc.NasdaqGS55.35$1,385,554,432230.62N/AN/AN/ANo Debt70.840.00%N/A
SELLASOAcademy Sports and Outdoors, InNasdaqGS42.18$3,363,289,8565.86N/AN/AN/A0.457.7215.53%0.52%
BUYASURAsure Software IncNasdaqCM5.72$115,211,08863.56N/AN/AN/A0.2311.0716.32%N/A
BUYCDECoeur Mining, Inc.NYSE3.42$960,565,184N/AN/AN/AN/A0.56N/A-21.03%N/A
BUYCMCLCaledonia Mining Corporation PlNYSE Ameri9.82$130,040,3604.42N/AN/AN/ANo DebtN/A10.13%5.60%
BUYCYASimplify Tail Risk Strategy ETFNYSEArca23.00N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
BUYDGIIDigi International Inc.NasdaqGS34.57$1,220,054,78498.77N/AN/AN/A0.4946.465.54%N/A
SELLEDConsolidated Edison, Inc.NYSE85.76$30,408,953,85618.81N/AN/AN/A1.10N/A5.20%3.65%
BUYEGOEldorado Gold CorporationNYSE6.03$1,123,057,280N/AN/AN/AN/A0.15N/A-20.03%N/A
BUYEQXEquinox Gold Corp.NYSE Ameri3.65$1,121,582,9762.53N/AN/AN/A0.25N/A-60.30%N/A
BUYGATOGatos Silver, Inc.NYSE2.68$185,280,448N/AN/AN/AN/A0.03N/A-16.41%N/A
SELLGMGeneral Motors CompanyNYSE32.09$46,788,825,0886.1N/AN/AN/A0.27N/A-19.30%N/A
BUYHLITHarmonic Inc.NasdaqGS13.07$1,373,134,20839.612.344.631.230.4225.055.46%N/A
BUYHROWHarrow Health, Inc.NasdaqGM12.07$326,734,880N/A3.8756.93-2.0612.53279.025.63%N/A
BUYIBEXIBEX LimitedNasdaqGM18.57$341,671,29614.620.693.36N/A0.0013.4129.67%N/A
BUYJNUGDirexion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 2X SharesNYSEArca26.41N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
BUYLNGCheniere Energy, Inc.NYSE Ameri165.91$41,441,501,184N/A1.55N/A0.23N/A8.7816.14%0.80%
SELLLULUlululemon athletica inc.NasdaqGS279.56$35,645,575,16836.265.0512.481.4No Debt150.0-0.53%N/A
SELLMSGMMotorsport Games Inc.NasdaqCM0.57$6,653,952N/A0.420.45N/ANo DebtN/A-394.08%N/A
BUYNGNovagold Resources Inc.NYSE Ameri4.69$1,589,201,792N/AN/A28.08N/A2.14N/A-0.58%N/A
BUYNUGTDirexion Daily Gold Miners Index Bull 2X SharesNYSEArca25.32N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
SELLPROVProvident Financial Holdings, INasdaqGS14.20$103,170,38411.642.660.8-0.880.398.8717.00%3.94%
SELLRCLD/B/A Royal Caribbean Cruises LNYSE37.90$9,666,737,152N/AN/AN/AN/A5.11N/A-19.70%N/A
BUYRELLRichardson Electronics, Ltd.NasdaqGS15.10$209,412,84811.530.931.520.66No DebtN/A4.60%1.59%
BUYRINGiShares MSCI Global Gold Miners ETFNasdaqGM18.76N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A2.44%
BUYSILXETFMG Prime 2x Daily Junior Silver Miners ETFNYSEArca2.13N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
SELLSNAPSnap Inc.NYSE9.82$16,192,884,736N/AN/AN/AN/A1.0994.41-3.64%N/A
SELLSOHUSohu.com LimitedNasdaqGS16.07$542,134,27216.07N/AN/AN/ANo DebtN/AN/AN/A
SELLTARAProtara Therapeutics, Inc.NasdaqGM2.96$33,351,504N/AN/AN/AN/ANo DebtN/A-61.68%N/A
SELLTRSTTrustCo Bank Corp NYNasdaqGS31.42$600,967,1688.88N/AN/AN/ANo Debt10.4214.14%4.42%
BUYVISTVista Energy S.A.B. de C.V.NYSE9.42$954,359,0406.32N/AN/AN/A0.674.9527.54%N/A
BUYWCCWESCO International, Inc.NYSE119.38$6,064,790,5289.660.31.470.741.22N/A-9.83%N/A
BUYXPELXPEL, Inc.NasdaqCM64.44$1,779,581,56851.976.0417.26N/A0.31N/A0.01%N/A

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