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Alert Central - all our signals, scans, alerts, ETF rankings and pre-defined screens listed in one place. All free!

This page is a quick-reference guide to all of our pre-defined screens and scans.

At a high level, we offer the following:

  • Trend Reversal Alerts - proprietary scans for stocks or ETFs that are exhibiting a reversal in trend
  • Trend Following and Momentum Alerts - proprietary scans for stocks or ETFs that are currently exhibiting strong trending action
  • Breakouts and other patterns - scans based on various price patterns including gaps, Bollinger Bands and Swing Signals
  • ETF Analysis - includes Sector and Style analysis based on popular ETFs plus rankings for over 300 ETFs based on our propietary Trend Performance Score
  • Value, Growth and Dividends - a variety of scans meant to address the needs of various investment styles including dividend investors, value investors and growth stock investors plus our Cash Flow Kings

Scroll down and enjoy!


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