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Stock Screeners - Overview

We think our stock screeners are the best because...

Read the ultimate guide to using our screeners

Free Screener

  • Easy to use
  • Two simple presets to get you started: Growth and Value
  • Combines both technical and fundamental criteria
  • Includes ability to search for various Trade-Radar signals

Watch this video -- How to use the Free Screener

Premium Screener

  • Same features as the Free Screener plus...
  • Added focus on the most recent changes in trends, moving averages, earnings, dividends and more
  • Save and share screener presets
  • Save screen results to watch lists

Watch this video -- How to use the Premium Stock Screener

Industry Inspector

  • Dig into industries and sectors
  • Search on both technical and fundamental criteria
  • Drill down from sectors into industies and find top performing stocks

Watch this video -- How to use the Industry Inspector

Super Easy Screener

  • Evaluates our proprietary Valuation, Fundamental and Trending aggregate indicators
  • Just drag markers to create a range on each slider.
  • Then click the Search button and stocks will be retrieved.
  • Create and save presets

Watch this video -- How to use the Easy Stock Screener


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