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Industry Inspector

A screener for sectors and industries

Watch this video -- How to use the Industry Inspector

Every week we scan and test all the stocks on the major exchanges as part of our Alert HQ process.

We then slice-and-dice all this data based on Sector and Industry. We take average values and counts across all the stocks that make up a particular industry.

We use both Fundamental data and Technical Analysis...

In this screener we provide a number of fundamental indicators aggregated for each industry such as Average PE (price/earnings ratio), PEG, Price-to-Sales, Price-to-Book and ROE (return on equity).

We also examine a number of technical analysis indicators and provide averages and percentages aggregated for each industry including Average Trend Performance Score for all the stocks in each industry, percentage of stocks in each industry above their 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA), percentage of stocks above their 50-day EMA, percentage whose 20-day EMA is above their 50-day EMA, percentate that are in bullish trends according to Aroon analysis, DMI or MACD. We even track the percentage of stocks in each industry that are performing better than the S&P 500.

How to use this report --

Scroll down to review this week's data in a tabular format. You can click the column headings to sort the data and find the industries that appear to show the best value or best price and trend performance. You can also use the Sector filter to zero in on all the industries belonging to a particular sector.

Click on an industry and it brings up a list of all the stocks in that particular industry.

Within the list, hover over a stock symbol and it will display a small chart. Or you can click on the name of a stock and it will take you to a page that provides a large volume of fundamental and technical detail as well as a larger, more interactive chart.

Filter report using these drop-downs then click SEARCH button
Sector Average PE Average PEG Average P/S
Average P/B Average ROE Trend Performance
(6=most bullish,
0=most bearish)
Percentage of stocks above S&P 500 Percentage above 20-Day Exponential Moving Average Percentage above 50-Day Exponential Moving Average
Percent where 20-day EMA is above 50-day EMA Percent with bullish Aroon Percent with bullish DMI Percent with bullish MACD


Industry Screener - this week's report on 21 Industries

(click any industry to view the list of stocks making up that industry)

(click column headings to sort)

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Go ahead and play with the Industry Inspector - just be aware results are limited to one sector - Financial Services. You will still be able to filter the industries using the SEARCH functionality above but only within the Financial Services sector.

Sector Industry Avg PE Avg PEG Avg Price to Sales Avg Price to Book Avg ROE Avg Trend Perfor- mance Percent above 20-day EMA Percent above 50-day EMA Percent where 20-day EMA is above 50-day EMA Percent Bullish according to Aroon Percent Bullish according to DMI Percent Bullish according to MACD Percent above the S&P 500 Total stocks in Industry
Financial ServicesAsset Management27.852.3917.062.04-1.673.6557.61%77.72%58.70%66.30%62.50%46.74%9.78%184
Financial ServicesBanks - Diversified10.802.032.171.4212.894.8185.71%100.00%71.43%85.71%57.14%71.43%100.00%7
Financial ServicesBanks - Regional19.402.543.551.209.864.9492.77%92.77%83.13%87.35%87.95%92.17%34.34%166
Financial ServicesBanks gional18.4437.363.241.087.824.9395.91%96.49%85.96%92.40%85.96%94.74%14.04%171
Financial ServicesBanks versified10.111.392.321.7313.724.2066.67%66.67%50.00%66.67%50.00%83.33%16.67%6
Financial ServicesCapital Markets35.515.274.984.97-1.244.1570.27%75.68%72.97%67.57%72.97%72.97%27.03%37
Financial ServicesCredit Services14.102.832.633.3517.073.8275.61%70.73%51.22%70.73%68.29%87.80%21.95%41
Financial ServicesFinancial Conglomerates11.200.410.622.34-21.843.6750.00%50.00%50.00%50.00%75.00%100.00%25.00%4
Financial ServicesFinancial Data & Stock Exchanges38.893.069.486.6013.424.0690.91%81.82%63.64%90.91%81.82%90.91%36.36%11
Financial ServicesInsurance - Diversified33.301.683.275.68462.713.7760.00%60.00%40.00%100.00%60.00%80.00%40.00%5
Financial ServicesInsurance - Life12.481.781.271.3717.074.8885.71%100.00%100.00%100.00%71.43%85.71%28.57%7
Financial ServicesInsurance - Property & Casualty30.061.540.891.457.583.8973.33%73.33%33.33%93.33%80.00%100.00%40.00%15
Financial ServicesInsurance - Reinsurance7.391.231.031.0512.544.2866.67%83.33%50.00%83.33%50.00%100.00%66.67%6
Financial ServicesInsurance - Specialty11.461.562.441.1312.323.7575.00%75.00%50.00%100.00%50.00%100.00%75.00%8
Financial ServicesInsurance Brokers33.441.893.255.251,475.663.9383.33%83.33%58.33%66.67%66.67%100.00%50.00%12
Financial ServicesInsurance ecialty13.843.842.591.899.284.4590.00%90.00%70.00%90.00%90.00%90.00%10.00%10
Financial ServicesInsurance fe14.621.181.191.458.493.0966.67%66.67%33.33%66.67%66.67%88.89%11.11%9
Financial ServicesInsurance operty & Casualty24.521.692.113.0713.423.6050.00%60.00%40.00%70.00%50.00%90.00%25.00%20
Financial ServicesInsurance versified10.492.081.261.1417.912.7925.00%25.00%25.00%50.00%25.00%75.00%25.00%4
Financial ServicesMortgage Finance24.000.863.231.67-5.743.5176.92%69.23%53.85%69.23%84.62%84.62%15.38%13
Financial ServicesShell Companies104.26N/A0.581,555.420.552.7356.59%65.12%7.75%34.11%58.14%44.19%0.78%129

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