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ETF Picks - Trend-Sense Buy signals:
ETFs moving up in our trend performance rankings

This report lists the ETFs showing a recent bullish momentum based on daily data.

We define bullish momentum as a STEADY SEQUENTIAL INCREASE in Trend Score over the previous 10 trading days. We verify that there are more up-days in Trend Score than there are down-days. We are trying to identify those stocks that are moving up in our Trend Performance Score rankings but have not yet reached the top. Our goal is to help you get in early before these stocks have hit their peak.

Trend Score is our proprietary combination of technical factors reduced to a single number that allows us to quickly identify stocks on the move. Factors include Moving Averages, Wilder's DMI (ADX), Aroon and MACD. We combine the scores for each of these indicators into a composite score that ranges from 0 to 6 that shows how strongly a stock is trending in a bullish direction. We track the score every day and also calculate the slope of the Trend Score: a steeper slope shows more bullish momentum.

Note the four tabs below.

  • The BASIC tab shows stocks that appear to be just getting going.
  • The second tab, BETTER TREND, show stocks that have generated more momentum and have begun to accelerate upward.
  • The third tab, STRONG TREND, shows stocks that are clearly performing well and should be able to maintain the bullish momentum for a while longer.
  • The fourth tab, STRONGEST TREND, lists those stocks that have already moved strongly upward and are now market leaders.

Be sure to check out all four tabs.

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Chart of Price vs Trend Score