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E-Zone Signals: a flexible, disciplined stock trading system

Works great for market timing, swing trading or mean reversion strategies.

1.  What It Is

Click to see an example

Two sets of numbers project statistically relevant Entry & Exit Zones for the next trading period - one day (or week) ahead.

That's right, the E-Zone System projects into the future what the zones will be for the next day (or week).

The Exit Zone is always displayed in the top portion of the charts (in red) while the Entry Zone is always displayed in the bottom portion of the charts (in green).
2.  How It Works

Today's call for QQQ
Current situation: Neutral
ActionBetween the zones: HOLD or take no action
Blinking = Just moved into a New Zone
Hover over either symbol to see miniature E-Zone chart:
[ QQQ ] [ SLV ]

As your investment moves into one of these zones, you are alerted by a blinking arrow in your portfolio to take action.

A click on any symbol in your portfolio will bring up the weekly and daily E-Zone charts.

Read your target zones for this week and next week, today and tomorrow, then place your trades accordingly.

Red up arrow Above the Exit Zone SELL
Red up right arrow In the Exit Zone
Blue double arrow Neutral HOLD
Green down right arrow In the Entry Zone BUY
Red up arrow Below the Entry Zone
Blinking = Now in the New Zone
3.  What It Does

TS Chart
Click to see Sample Results

See how the E-Zone Trading System beats "buy and hold" investing strategies.

Learn more on our E-Zone Sample Results page.

Product Description

Learn more on our Product Description page: see an example, get a more in-depth description of the E-Zone concept and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find all your answers on our E-Zone FAQ page.

Works for Daily and Weekly Trading

Example: How the E-Zone System works for weekly traders
How the E-Zone Trading System Works
What E-Zone can do for you
  • Protect your investment and retirement accounts.
  • Avoid costly "Buy & Hold" mistakes.
  • Build a sensible investing strategy.
  • Know when to sell, when to buy and when to be out of the market.
  • Use predicted daily or weekly Exit & Entry Zones for your own stocks, ETFs & mutual funds.
  • Increase your wealth with an easy-to-follow proven program.

Learn more on how to use the E-Zone System on our
How to Trade Using E-Zones page.

Formerly available at HottingerSignals.com, we have now brought the E-Zone Trading System here to TradingStockAlerts.com so we can provide a complete end-to-end service for all investors.

Use our stock screeners and Alert HQ to find the best stocks and ETFs and then use the E-Zone System to guide your trading!
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E-Zone Menu: Overview How to Trade Product Description Example FAQ Sample Results Quick Quote Portfolio