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What this site is NOT:

We don’t teach trading.

We don’t provide live trading instructions or guidance during the course of the day.

We don’t share all of our trading moves with the expectation you should copy us.

We don’t do day trading.

We don’t sit around manually picking stocks.

We don’t host chat sessions during or after the trading day.

We don’t “pump and dump” individual stocks.


What this site IS:

This is a computer algorithm-driven site.


All screen results and indicators are generated via repeatable, automated software processes:

·        Stock Alerts - Pre-defined screens are offered based on identifying stocks that meet various criteria. For example: broken trend lines, reversals, momentum, etc. Some screens are based strictly on technical analysis criteria and other screens are based on a combination of technical and financial analysis criteria.

·        E-Zone Signals are generated via software that adapts to the latest price action and algorithmically projects next trading period entry and exit zones. Users need minimal effort to interpret the results.

·        Our proprietary Trend Performance Score, Financial Score and Value Score are generated via software. They are, in turn, used to produce Buy/Sell/Hold/Avoid signals on the Stock Search page and as criteria for the Easy Screener. Trend Performance Score is used for ranking ETFs and as one of the criteria in the Premium Screener

This site provides tools and data for individual investors.

The current set of tools fall into the following general categories:

·        Finding good investment ideas

o   Stock Alerts - Pre-defined stock screens and ETF rankings

§  Alert HQ Reversal Alerts, Swing Signals, etc.

§  Stocks to Watch

§  ETF Analysis

§  ($) Top 10 Stocks, Top 10 Buying Opportunities, Top 10 Micro-Caps, Top 10 Dividend Stocks

o   Interactive Screeners

§  Free Screener

§  ($) Premium Screener (with saved presets and ability to save to watch lists)

§  ($) Easy Screener

§  ($) Industry Inspector

·        Tracking selected investment ideas

o   Watch Lists (unlimited for premium users)

o   Email Alerts (unlimited for premium users)

o   ($) E-Zone Portfolios

·        Getting detailed data on stocks

o      Stock Search – provides detailed financial data and technical data including history of signals generated by our Alert HQ processes, Buy/Sell/Hold/Avoid determination, an interactive chart, custom links to other sites that bring up data for that particular stock

o      Extensive tabular data returned by all our screeners - provides detailed financial data and technical data including history of signals generated by our Alert HQ processes and, for those with premium accounts, up-to-the-minute data showing most recent changes in financials and technicals

·        Trading system

o   ($) E-Zone Signals – a disciplined trading system that helps you avoid buying high and selling low and allows you to escape the pitfalls of Buy-and-Hold investing.

o   ($) Maintain multiple E-Zone portfolios and track signals and profits on your favorite stocks and ETFs.

o   ($) Get our daily and weekly E-Zone alert emails so you can be ready for trading opportunities in your portfolios.

Why we don’t have a “Stock of the Day”

We specialize in screening for interesting stock picks. So you’d think we could narrow things down to just one stock, right?

The answer is NO! The truth is, no one stock can be right for every investor. Some investors want short term trades while other investors have a long term outlook. Some investors like stocks, others only ETFs. Some investors are comfortable with micro-caps, others will only consider large, well-capitalized dividend stocks.

This is why we offer such a wide selection of pre-defined screens on our Stock Alerts pages. This is also why we have screens based on daily data for quick-triggered traders and other screens based on weekly data for those who prefer investing over the longer term. It’s why we have highly flexible screeners and the ability to sort all our data in different ways so you, as the individual investor that you are, can find those stock picks that are suitable for your particular investing style.


About Us --

Who is TradeRadarOperator
and what else is this site about?

TradingStockAlerts.com has beed developed by TradeRadarOperator.

I am a long-time individual investor with an engineering degree and an MBA. I worked in aerospace-defense for 15 years and have now spent more than a decade working for large financial services firms. This academic, work and investing background helps me cast a hopefully informed eye on tech stocks, the stock market and the economy and also provides the skills needed to write the software that supports the various parts of the site.

I have developed the TradingStockAlerts.com web site to provide individual investors tools for investing and investment analysis. For example:

  • We provide access to lists of stock alerts that have been gathered by scanning all the stocks on the NYSE, the AMEX and the NASDAQ. This is something that is typically only available to institutional investors or those individual investors who sign up for paid newsletters or expensive web site access. Trade Radar provides this investing information free of charge.
  • We provide access to a unique set of stock screeners
  • We now host the E-Zone Trading System. Formerly found at the HottingerSignals.com web site, this system projects Buy/Sell price bands forward into the future and is a well-regarded tool among swing traders.

Many aspects of this site were developed because I thought they would be valuable to use for myself. I hope you find them interesting and useful, too.

Some years ago we partnered with Fritz Hottinger, founder of Hottinger Capital Consulting, Ltd which was chartered in 1988 for the purpose of publishing financial information. His original product, The Hottinger Signals, was faxed nightly to 3 continents, to subscribers trading the OEX, SPX and Treasury Bond markets. These signals were developed from a set of very successful market-timing programs that gave advance warning of the severe October, '87 and '89 reversals. The original programs were written by Dolph Van Laanen, (Northwestern University School of Commerce; MBA, University of Chicago). It is our pleasure to offer the Hottinger Signals, now know as the E-Zone Trading System, to users of TradingStockAlerts.com

I have been recognized by the following sites:

  Benzinga.com supporter

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