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Trend Busters Special Value Situations
-- a list of value stocks that are breaking out

Every week we scan and test all the stocks on the major exchanges as part of our Alert HQ process. We look at multiple technical indicators including a few that we have devised here at TradeRadar. In addition, we perform fundamental analysis on the stocks to identify those situations where the value proposition appears to be attractive.

- Value Stock BUY Signals

Using daily data, we look for stocks that have broken out above their trend lines. Trend lines are constructed using the daily high prices. A stock must rise 5% above the trend line to trigger a BUY signal.

Out of this group of stocks on the move we identify those that have "reasonable value" characteristics according to the following criteria:

  • PE between 0 and16
  • PEG between 0 and 1.2
  • Price-to-Sales less than 2
  • Debt-to-Equity less than 1
  • EV to EBITDA less than 10

Scroll down to review this week's data in a tabular format.


4 Trend Busters Special Value Situations
-- a list of value stocks that are breaking out for JULY 29, 2021:

(click column headings to sort, hover over Symbol for chart)

SignalData Type SymbolNameExchangeLast Price Market CapPE RatioPrice to SalesPrice to BookPEG RatioDebt to EquityPrice to Free Cash FlowCash Flow Yield Dividend YieldEV to EBITDA
BUYDailyMHOM/I Homes, Inc.NYSE64.69$1,888,016,5126.480.571.390.390.487.3717.44%N/A5.642
BUYDailyLBL Brands, Inc.NYSE79.48$21,042,251,77615.881.59N/A0.62N/A11.6225.33%0.38%9.998
BUYDailySNDRSchneider National, Inc.NYSE22.28$3,956,125,95217.820.851.880.920.1020.076.43%1.26%5.762
BUYDailyWERNWerner Enterprises, Inc.NasdaqGS46.05$3,127,628,28816.51.312.550.980.14312.427.02%1.04%6.131

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