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Weekly Gap Signals -- today's free list of stocks that have recently gapped up or down

Every week we review all the stocks listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ, over 7400 securities in all. We perform the analysis on daily data and weekly data. As a byproduct of this process we generate swing signals based on Bollinger Bands, Williams %R and a couple of other technical analysis indicators. We've extended the pattern recognition process to include gaps based on weekly data.

Our Gap Analysis Signals based on weekly data can be used for trading over weeks or months, or intermediate-term trading. Our Gap Analysis Signals provide BUY SELL signals you can use for buying or shorting stocks and for ETF trading.

- Bearish Signals

Using weekly data, we look for stocks that have gapped downward during the course of the last week or, having previously gapped up, have now closed the gap by trading below the level from which it gapped up. Only the most recent gap in the last week is evaluated.

- Bullish Signals

Using weekly data, we look for stocks that have gapped upward during the course of the last week or, having previously gapped down, have now closed the gap by trading above the level from which it gapped down. Only the most recent gap in the last week is evaluated.

Scroll down to review this week's data in a tabular format.


49 Gaps - TradeRadar Weekly Gap Analysis for JULY 24, 2021:

(click column headings to sort, hover over Symbol for chart)

[ Gaps based on Daily Data ]

SignalSymbolNameExchangeLast PriceMarket CapPE RatioPrice to SalesPrice to BookPEG RatioDebt to EquityPrice to Free Cash FlowCash Flow Yield Dividend Yield
Bullish - Gap UpAEHRAehr Test SystemsNasdaqCM6.10$143,945,968N/A11.313.74-0.80.02N/A-0.74%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownAHTAshford Hospitality Trust IncNYSE16.98$450,209,408N/A1.32N/A-0.54N/AN/A-81.67%3.53%
Bearish - Closed GapBEAMBeam Therapeutics Inc.NasdaqGS92.36$5,776,055,808N/A240668.9821.05N/ANo DebtN/A-2.25%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownBILIBilibili Inc.NasdaqGS95.21$35,923,685,376N/A2.994.41-37.521.10161.94N/AN/A
Bullish - Gap UpBOILProShares Ultra Bloomberg Natural GasNYSEArca43.22N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Bearish - Gap DownCHIHGlobal X MSCI China Health Care ETFNYSEArca29.60N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A0.06%
Bullish - Gap UpCLDXCelldex Therapeutics, Inc.NasdaqCM42.60$1,979,191,680N/A368.228.69N/ANo DebtN/A-3.77%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpCPACCementos Pacasmayo S.A.A.NYSE6.10$566,259,96826.520.390.370.590.761.830.79%17.38%
Bearish - Gap DownCWEBDirexion Shares ETF Trust - Direxion Daily CSI China InterneNYSEArca28.33N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullish - Gap UpCYTKCytokinetics, IncorporatedNasdaqGS29.04$2,083,274,368N/A35.5830.63-0.631.94N/A-6.94%N/A
Bullish - Closed GapDGICBDonegal Group, Inc.NasdaqGS15.33$469,358,5287.670.590.89N/A0.083.9125.46%3.72%
Bearish - Gap DownDOYUDouYu International Holdings LiNasdaqGS4.00$1,297,639,936N/A0.14N/A-18.97No DebtN/AN/AN/A
Bearish - Closed GapEDITEditas Medicine, Inc.NasdaqGS40.84$2,770,030,080N/A30.274.32N/ANo DebtN/A-7.16%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownEXELExelixis, Inc.NasdaqGS16.73$5,242,964,48081.615.092.740.96No Debt34.61.98%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownFUTUFutu Holdings LimitedNasdaqGM124.62$18,278,264,83256.493.881.87N/ANo DebtN/AN/AN/A
Bearish - Closed GapGRNiPath Series B Carbon ETNNYSEArca19.75N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Bearish - Gap DownGTECGreenland Technologies HoldingNasdaqCM6.76$71,069,912N/A0.87N/AN/ANo DebtN/A-23.34%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpHELXFranklin Genomic Advancements ETFBATS52.25N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A0.10%
Bullish - Gap UpINMDInMode Ltd.NasdaqGS111.83$4,270,888,44849.5518.4714.861.21No Debt43.882.30%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownJEJust Energy Group, Inc.NYSE1.15$188,875,3120.99N/AN/AN/AN/A9.31-72.25%33.04%
Bearish - Gap DownKEPKorea Electric Power CorporatioNYSE10.85$14,059,212,8007.6800N/A0.840.0256677.88%4.98%
Bearish - Gap DownKOLDProShares Trust II - ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Natural NYSEArca17.30N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullish - Gap UpLDLLydall, Inc.NYSE61.61$1,110,150,656N/A1.
Bearish - Gap DownLFCChina Life Insurance Company LiNYSE8.66$112,418,054,1445.140.130.1N/A0.110.34569.90%5.77%
Bearish - Gap DownLIZILIZHI INC.NasdaqGS4.81$240,962,720N/A0.152.06N/ANo DebtN/AN/AN/A
Bearish - Gap DownLLNWLimelight Networks, Inc.NasdaqGS2.58$324,277,600N/A1.452.32-2.450.87N/A-10.02%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpMAYSJ. W. Mays, Inc.NasdaqCM37.00$74,583,856N/A3.851.4N/A0.16N/A7.31%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownNCTYThe9 Limited - American DepositNasdaqCM8.68$140,906,7840.77225.27N/AN/AN/AN/A-63.04%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpNTICNorthern Technologies InternatiNasdaqGM19.17$174,520,480N/A3.852.931.36No Debt92.17-2.66%1.36%
Bullish - Gap UpNTLAIntellia Therapeutics, Inc.NasdaqGM137.71$9,385,433,088N/A182.1617.13-1.05No DebtN/A-2.34%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpPFSWPFSweb, Inc.NasdaqGS11.81$249,192,192N/A0.874.750.730.6443.0512.06%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownPRVBProvention Bio, Inc.NasdaqGS6.11$387,219,424N/AN/A2.11N/ANo DebtN/A-17.29%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownPZDInvesco MSCI Sustainable Future ETFNYSEArca67.10N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A0.15%
Bullish - Gap UpQADAQAD Inc.NasdaqGS87.34$1,830,288,256142.955.7813.596.770.1144.064.48%0.33%
Bullish - Gap UpQADBQAD Inc.NasdaqGS86.00$2,488,246,528140.757.8613.38N/A0.1159.93.29%0.28%
Bullish - Gap UpRAVNRaven Industries, Inc.NasdaqGS58.68$2,107,644,80087.455.636.135.250.01113.78-2.54%0.22%
Bullish - Gap UpSNRNew Senior Investment Group IncNYSE9.26$776,318,592N/A2.363.91N/A7.3719.476.58%2.81%
Bullish - Gap UpSTFCState Auto Financial CorporatioNasdaqGS50.88$2,243,350,01617.251.342.37.680.1338.61-3.37%0.79%
Bearish - Gap DownTIGRUP Fintech Holding LimitedNasdaqGS16.88$2,740,890,11263.9415.049.34N/A0.17N/AN/AN/A
Bullish - Gap UpTLCTaiwan Liposome Company, Ltd.NasdaqGS6.75$290,738,688N/A2.281.2N/A1.79N/A-321.89%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownTMETencent Music Entertainment GroNYSE10.78$18,245,904,384280.590.35166.740.103.3741.17%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownTTMTata Motors Ltd Tata Motors LimNYSE19.61$15,016,593,408N/A0.010.02N/A1.69N/AN/AN/A
Bearish - Gap DownUSDPUSD Partners LPNYSE6.79$202,194,6568.721.6920.03N/A19.984.424.06%6.77%
Bullish - Gap UpVBIVVBI Vaccines, Inc.NasdaqGS2.98$757,501,120N/A799.94.21N/A0.09N/A-3.80%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpVRSVerso CorporationNYSE19.25$570,005,952N/A0.491.08N/ANo DebtN/A-3.51%2.08%
Bullish - Gap UpWBWeibo CorporationNasdaqGS59.20$13,488,602,11243.247.394.78.070.85N/AN/AN/A
Bearish - Gap DownXPPProShares Trust - ProShares Ultra FTSE China 50NYSEArca60.08N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullish - Gap UpYANGDirexion Daily FTSE China Bear 3X SharesNYSEArca16.40N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Bearish - Gap DownYINNDirexion Shares ETF Trust - Direxion Daily FTSE China Bull 3NYSEArca14.47N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A0.04%

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