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50 Top Momentum Stocks -
three ways of calculating bullish momentum

1. Bullish Momentum = a big increase in Trend Score

Every other day we scan and test all the stocks on the major exchanges as part of our Alert HQ process. We look at multiple technical indicators including a few that we have devised here at TradeRadar.

This report lists the 50 stocks showing the most recent burst of bullish momentum based on daily data.

We define bullish momentum as a big INCREASE in Trend Score. Then we sort the list according to overall Trend Score from best to worst so you can quickly see the ones with the most promising charts.

Trend Score is our proprietary combination of technical factors reduced to a signal number that allows us to quickly identify stocks on the move. Factors include Moving Averages, Wilder's DMI (ADX), Aroon and MACD. We combine the scores for each of these indicators into a composite score that ranges from 0 to 6 that shows how strongly a stock is trending in a bullish direction.

2. Bullish Momentum = multiple moving averages heading upward

This report lists the 50 stocks showing sustained bullish momentum based on daily data. We define bullish momentum as the following:

  • 20-day Moving Average > 50-day Moving Average > 200-day Moving Average
  • Slope 20-day Moving Average > 0 and Slope of 50-day Moving Average > 0 and Slope of 200-day Moving Average > 0
  • Latest Price > 20-day Moving Average

Then we sort the list according to a momentum score so you can quickly see the ones with the most promising charts.

NOTE on MACD Confirmation, DMI Confirmation and Aroon Confirmation:

If either MACD Confirmation or DMI Confirmation or Aroon Confirmation is set to "No" then it means the upward trend may be weakening.

3. Bullish Momentum = highest Trend Score

This report lists the 50 stocks showing sustained bullish momentum based on daily data.

In this case we define bullish momentum as simply having the highest Trend Score (typically between 5 and 6 on our scale). Then we sort the list according to overall trend score from best to worst so you can quickly see the ones with the most promising charts.

Trend Score is our proprietary combination of technical factors reduced to a signal number that allows us to quickly identify stocks on the move. Factors include Moving Averages, Wilder's DMI (ADX), Aroon and MACD. We combine the scores for each of these indicators into a composite score that ranges from 0 to 6 that shows how strongly a stock is trending in a bullish direction.

Scroll down and click on the tabs to review each category of today's data in a tabular format.
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50 Top Momentum stocks for Sep 12, 2020

Be sure to check all 3 tabs for each category of momentum stocks and ETFs

  (Click column headings to sort. Hover over symbol for chart. Click symbol for interactive chart, related links and more details.)

Trend Score Change Symbol Name Industry Last Price PE Ratio Recent Trend Score Previous Trend Score
1.83CRDF Cardiff Oncology, Inc.Biotechnology$8.11N/A5.503.67
1.66MNKD MannKind CorporationBiotechnology$1.93N/A5.834.17
1.50PROF Profound Medical Corp.Medical Devices$17.46N/A5.173.67
1.34HYMC Hycroft Mining Holding CorporatOther Precious Metals & Mining$11.74N/A5.173.83
1.33BGY Blackrock Enhanced InternationaAsset Management$5.435.014.503.17
1.17BGB Blackstone/GSO Strategic Credit Fundn/a$12.11N/A4.673.50
1.17NVO Novo Nordisk A/SBiotechnology$69.5728.265.003.83
1.17VLT 10485Asset Management$12.7116.515.003.83
1.16EPAC Enerpac Tool Group Corp.Specialty Industrial Machinery$21.76N/A4.833.67
1.16KTCC Key Tronic CorporationComputer Hardware$9.1020.685.834.67
1.00AFI Armstrong Flooring, Inc.Building Products & Equipment$4.40N/A4.673.67
1.00AGFS AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.Farm Products$3.03N/A4.833.83
1.00EIDX Eidos Therapeutics, Inc.Biotechnology$49.86N/A4.833.83
1.00IQIN IQ 500 International ETFn/a$25.62N/A4.503.50
1.00LAWS Lawson Products, Inc.Industrial Distribution$41.1325.754.673.67
1.00MAT Mattel, Inc.Leisure$11.86N/A4.833.83
1.00NEV Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fundn/a$15.05N/A4.333.33
1.00NTLA Intellia Therapeutics, Inc.Biotechnology$22.45N/A4.673.67
1.00ONCS OncoSec Medical IncorporatedBiotechnology$4.31N/A5.504.50
1.00QRVO Qorvo, Inc.Semiconductors$130.3039.394.503.50
1.00RIGL Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Biotechnology$2.60N/A5.334.33
1.00RRC Range Resources CorporationOil & Gas E&P$7.68N/A4.503.50
1.00TEX Terex CorporationFarm & Heavy Construction Machinery$21.68129.054.003.00
1.00UJPY Citigroup ETNs linked to the VelocityShares Daily 4X Long JPn/a$25.32N/A4.833.83
1.00VOXX VOXX International CorporationConsumer Electronics$7.83N/A5.504.50
0.84AUSF Global X Adaptive U.S. Factor ETFn/a$22.76N/A4.173.33
0.84CAPE Barclays ETN+ Shiller Capet ETNn/a$159.41N/A4.673.83
0.84ESGN Columbia Sustainable International Equity Income ETFn/a$22.83N/A4.173.33
0.84JJM iPath Series B Bloomberg Industrial Metals Subindex Total Ren/a$45.46N/A4.673.83
0.84OMF OneMain Holdings, Inc.Credit Services$32.577.025.674.83
0.83AES The AES CorporationUtilities-Diversified$18.4364.895.504.67
0.83AEYE AudioEye, Inc.Software-Application$14.97N/A3.833.00
0.83BCEI Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc.Oil & Gas E&P$20.355.814.333.50
0.83CBD Companhia Brasileira de DistribDepartment Stores$14.5313.433.833.00
0.83CLF Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.Steel$6.68N/A3.833.00
0.83CRVS Corvus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Biotechnology$4.50N/A5.004.17
0.83DJD Invesco Dow Jones Industrial Average Dividend ETFn/a$35.72N/A3.833.00
0.83EFNL iShares MSCI Finland ETFn/a$41.58N/A4.834.00
0.83FELE Franklin Electric Co., Inc.Specialty Industrial Machinery$60.3231.924.834.00
0.83GNPX Genprex, Inc.Biotechnology$3.87N/A5.004.17
0.83HIBL Direxion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bull 3X Sharesn/a$119.08N/A5.504.67
0.83IGMS IGM Biosciences, Inc.Biotechnology$71.14N/A6.005.17
0.83IMV IMV Inc.Biotechnology$4.95N/A5.504.67
0.83MDT Medtronic plc.Medical Devices$107.8133.075.004.17
0.83MLP Maui Land & Pineapple Company,Real Estate-Development$11.83N/A4.834.00
0.83MWA MUELLER WATER PRODUCTSSpecialty Industrial Machinery$11.1320.614.333.50
0.83NES Nuverra Environmental SolutionsWaste Management$3.74N/A5.004.17
0.83PWFL PowerFleet, Inc.Communication Equipment$6.35N/A4.834.00
0.83RLY SPDR SSgA Multi-Asset Real Return ETFn/a$22.67N/A3.833.00
0.83RUSHA Rush Enterprises, Inc.Auto & Truck Dealerships$50.8618.365.334.50
(Click column headings to sort. Hover over symbol for chart. Click symbol for interactive chart, related links and more details.)

Momentum Score Symbol Name Industry Last Price PE Ratio DMI Confirmation MACD Confirmation Aroon Confirmation
0.56MCRBSeres Therapeutics, Inc.Biotechnology$26.86N/AYesNoNo
0.54VVPRVivoPower International PLCSolar$7.96N/AYesNoYes
0.52EXPIeXp World Holdings, Inc.Real Estate Services$40.24356.11YesNoYes
0.49SHLLTortoise Acquisition Corp.Shell Companies$47.92N/AYesNoYes
0.47PEIXPacific Ethanol, Inc.Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing$6.10N/AYesYesYes
0.47NIONIO Inc.Auto Manufacturers$19.30N/AYesNoYes
0.46VSLRVivint Solar, Inc.Solar$32.74N/AYesYesYes
0.44RUNSunrun Inc.Solar$59.52N/AYesYesYes
0.43CZRCaesars Entertainment, Inc.Resorts & Casinos$55.40N/AYesYesYes
0.43WKHSWorkhorse Group, Inc.Auto Manufacturers$28.03N/AYesYesYes
0.43CELHCelsius Holdings, Inc.Beverages-Non-Alcoholic$21.94783.57YesYesNo
0.43DRIODarioHealth Corp.Diagnostics & Research$17.41N/AYesYesNo
0.43GRWGGrowGeneration Corp.Home Improvement Retail$15.72604.42YesYesNo
0.43TSLATesla, Inc.Auto Manufacturers$423.431,096.97YesYesNo
0.42FVRRFiverr International Ltd.Internet Content & Information$123.49N/AYesYesYes
0.42TFFPTFF Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Biotechnology$15.58N/AYesYesNo
0.41APPSDigital Turbine, Inc.Software-Application$32.35115.12YesYesYes
0.41AUTOAutoWeb, Inc.Internet Content & Information$3.60N/AYesNoYes
0.41PLUGPlug Power, Inc.Electrical Equipment & Parts$12.84N/ANoYesNo
0.40NLSNautilus, Inc.Leisure$15.63N/AYesYesYes
0.39CLDXCelldex Therapeutics, Inc.Biotechnology$12.11N/AYesYesYes
0.39HIBLDirexion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bull 3X Sharesn/a$119.08N/AYesYesYes
0.39BVXVBiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Biotechnology$40.90N/AYesNoYes
0.39LAZYLazydays Holdings, Inc.Auto & Truck Dealerships$13.30N/ANoYesNo
0.38TUPTupperware Brands CorporationPackaging & Containers$26.55N/AYesYesYes
0.38ZMZoom Video Communications, Inc.Telecom Services$413.13527.62YesYesYes
0.38BWMXBetterware de Mexico, S.A.P.I dSpecialty Retail$19.68N/AYesNoYes
0.38GRAFGraf Industrial Corp.Shell Companies$25.15N/AYesNoYes
0.38KZIAKazia Therapeutics LimitedBiotechnology$6.96N/AYesNoYes
0.38PTONPeloton Interactive, Inc.Leisure$85.20N/AYesNoYes
0.38SESea LimitedElectronic Gaming & Multimedia$149.08N/AYesNoNo
0.37GOGOGogo Inc.Telecom Services$10.12N/AYesYesYes
0.37LWAYLifeway Foods, Inc.Packaged Foods$6.5750.54YesYesYes
0.37TRILTrillium Therapeutics Inc.Biotechnology$15.39N/AYesYesYes
0.37IRTCiRhythm Technologies, Inc.Medical Instruments & Supplies$227.66N/AYesNoYes
0.37SKYSSky Solar Holdings, Ltd.Utilities-Renewable$5.93N/AYesNoYes
0.36CRNCCerence Inc.Software-Application$56.99N/ANoYesYes
0.35GRVYGRAVITY Co., Ltd.Electronic Gaming & Multimedia$128.5046.78YesYesYes
0.35PENNPenn National Gaming, Inc.Resorts & Casinos$73.00N/AYesYesYes
0.35AMTXAemetis, IncOil & Gas Refining & Marketing$2.61N/AYesYesNo
0.35NFENew Fortress Energy Inc.Utilities-Regulated Gas$34.36N/AYesNoYes
0.35EDUCEducational Development CorporaPublishing$14.9320.18YesNoNo
0.34IMVTImmunovant, Inc.Biotechnology$38.43N/AYesYesYes
0.34TRUPTrupanion, Inc.Insurance-Specialty$70.181,525.65YesNoYes
0.34SOGOSogou Inc.Internet Content & Information$8.63105.24YesNoNo
0.34QUMUQumu CorporationSoftware-Application$5.65N/ANoNoNo
0.33GSXGSX Techedu Inc.Education & Training Services$105.45N/AYesYesYes
(Click column headings to sort. Hover over symbol for chart. Click symbol for interactive chart, related links and more details.)

Current Trend Score Symbol Name Industry Last Price PE Ratio Previous Trend Score Trend Score Change
6.00ABR Arbor Realty TrustREIT-Mortgage$12.1723.406.000.00
6.00ACEL Accel Entertainment, Inc.Gambling$14.32N/A6.000.00
6.00ACIU AC Immune SABiotechnology$8.95N/A5.670.33
6.00ADM Archer-Daniels-Midland CompanyFarm Products$47.7715.215.670.33
6.00AEO American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.Apparel Retail$14.89N/A5.330.67
6.00AGEN Agenus Inc.Biotechnology$5.19N/A5.830.17
6.00AGRX Agile Therapeutics, Inc.Drug Manufacturers-Specialty & Generic$3.69N/A6.000.00
6.00ALBO Albireo Pharma, Inc.Biotechnology$39.05N/A6.000.00
6.00AMRK A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc.Capital Markets$33.247.716.000.00
6.00APPS Digital Turbine, Inc.Software-Application$32.35115.126.000.00
6.00ASPN Aspen Aerogels, Inc.Building Products & Equipment$10.99N/A6.000.00
6.00ATCO Atlas Corp.Asset Management$9.74N/A5.670.33
6.00AZRE Azure Power Global LimitedUtilities-Renewable$31.90N/A6.000.00
6.00BBQ BBQ Holdings, Inc.Restaurants$4.7120.306.000.00
6.00BKE Buckle, Inc. (The)Apparel Retail$21.7211.095.670.33
6.00BKI Black Knight, Inc.Software-Infrastructure$85.6891.056.000.00
6.00BLDR Builders FirstSource, Inc.Building Products & Equipment$32.2818.256.000.00
6.00BLFS BioLife Solutions, Inc.Medical Instruments & Supplies$25.4343.846.000.00
6.00BLL Ball CorporationPackaging & Containers$84.1077.016.000.00
6.00BMCH BMC Stock Holdings, Inc.Building Products & Equipment$42.0423.756.000.00
6.00BSET Bassett Furniture Industries, IFurnishings, Fixtures & Appliances$14.00N/A5.500.50
6.00CARZ First Trust NASDAQ Global Auto Index Fundn/a$39.95N/A6.000.00
6.00CBAY CymaBay Therapeutics Inc.Biotechnology$6.55N/A5.330.67
6.00CHNG Change Healthcare Inc.Health Information Services$14.95N/A5.500.50
6.00CHRW C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.Integrated Freight & Logistics$103.5730.136.000.00
6.00CKPT Checkpoint Therapeutics, Inc.Biotechnology$3.51N/A6.000.00
6.00CLCT Collectors Universe, Inc.Specialty Business Services$53.7845.196.000.00
6.00CMT Core Molding Technologies IncSpecialty Chemicals$10.06N/A6.000.00
6.00CNI Canadian National Railway CompaRailroads$107.0918.236.000.00
6.00COOP Mr. Cooper Group Inc.Mortgage Finance$21.384.406.000.00
6.00CTRN Citi Trends, Inc.Apparel Retail$25.1037.526.000.00
6.00CVGI Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc.Auto Parts$5.62N/A6.000.00
6.00CYCN Cyclerion Therapeutics, Inc.Biotechnology$8.15N/A6.000.00
6.00CYD China Yuchai International LimiSpecialty Industrial Machinery$18.365.386.000.00
6.00CZR Caesars Entertainment, Inc.Resorts & Casinos$55.40N/A6.000.00
6.00DAR Darling Ingredients Inc.Packaged Foods$35.1414.036.000.00
6.00DKS Dicks Sporting Goods IncSpecialty Retail$58.5519.466.000.00
6.00DLTH Duluth Holdings Inc.Apparel Retail$12.9627.696.000.00
6.00DOW Dow Inc.Chemicals$50.97N/A6.000.00
6.00DPHC DiamondPeak Holdings Corp.Shell Companies$27.88526.046.000.00
6.00EKAR Ideanomics Shares NextGen Vhcl andTchETFn/a$27.84N/A6.000.00
6.00EXPD Expeditors International of WasIntegrated Freight & Logistics$92.3826.256.000.00
6.00FBIO Fortress Biotech, Inc.Biotechnology$4.49N/A6.000.00
6.00FCX Freeport-McMoRan, Inc.Copper$17.03N/A6.000.00
6.00FDX FedEx CorporationIntegrated Freight & Logistics$244.0849.816.000.00
6.00FIVE Five Below, Inc.Specialty Retail$134.1675.506.000.00
6.00FLXS Flexsteel Industries, Inc.Furnishings, Fixtures & Appliances$23.25N/A5.830.17
6.00FMCI Forum Merger II CorporationShell Companies$27.20N/A6.000.00
6.00GGB Gerdau S.A.Steel$4.1249.645.670.33
6.00GGG Graco Inc.Specialty Industrial Machinery$61.0338.876.000.00
6.00GME GameStop CorporationSpecialty Retail$9.20N/A5.500.50
6.00GMHI Gores Metropoulos, Inc.Shell Companies$12.50186.576.000.00
6.00GMRE Global Medical REIT Inc.REIT-Healthcare Facilities$13.64162.386.000.00
6.00GOGO Gogo Inc.Telecom Services$10.12N/A6.000.00
6.00GRVY GRAVITY Co., Ltd.Electronic Gaming & Multimedia$128.5046.786.000.00
6.00GSS Golden Star Resources, LtdGold$4.95N/A6.000.00
6.00HBI Hanesbrands Inc.Apparel Manufacturing$15.8010.916.000.00
6.00HIBB Hibbett Sports, Inc.Specialty Retail$39.5120.446.000.00
6.00HUN Huntsman CorporationChemicals$24.025.535.500.50
6.00IBP Installed Building Products, InBuilding Products & Equipment$96.7635.336.000.00
6.00IESC IES Holdings, Inc.Engineering & Construction$34.8020.226.000.00
6.00IGMS IGM Biosciences, Inc.Biotechnology$71.14N/A5.170.83
6.00IMVT Immunovant, Inc.Biotechnology$38.43N/A6.000.00
6.00IOR Income Opportunity Realty InvesMortgage Finance$17.0016.926.000.00
6.00JNCE Jounce Therapeutics, Inc.Biotechnology$9.4915.116.000.00
6.00KTOS Kratos Defense & Security SolutAerospace & Defense$21.53500.705.670.33
6.00KURA Kura Oncology, Inc.Biotechnology$29.53N/A6.000.00
6.00LBRT Liberty Oilfield Services Inc.Oil & Gas Equipment & Services$9.47N/A5.330.67
6.00LMB Limbach Holdings, Inc.Engineering & Construction$8.89123.476.000.00
6.00LOB Live Oak Bancshares, Inc.Banks-Regional$24.25151.566.000.00
6.00LOOP Loop Industries, Inc.Specialty Chemicals$13.61N/A6.000.00
6.00LPL LG Display Co, Ltd AMERICAN DEPConsumer Electronics$6.95N/A6.000.00
6.00LTHM Livent CorporationSpecialty Chemicals$8.9783.836.000.00
6.00LWAY Lifeway Foods, Inc.Packaged Foods$6.5750.546.000.00
6.00MAXR Maxar Technologies Inc.Communication Equipment$27.535.985.330.67
6.00MNDO MIND C.T.I. Ltd.Software-Application$2.389.525.500.50
6.00MPX Marine Products CorporationRecreational Vehicles$20.8840.945.830.17
6.00MYOK MyoKardia, Inc.Biotechnology$130.24N/A5.830.17
6.00NAV Navistar International CorporatFarm & Heavy Construction Machinery$43.01N/A6.000.00
6.00NG Novagold Resources Inc.Gold$11.75N/A6.000.00
6.00NKE Nike, Inc.Footwear & Accessories$116.3672.726.000.00
6.00NLS Nautilus, Inc.Leisure$15.63N/A6.000.00
6.00NOMD Nomad Foods LimitedPackaged Foods$26.1225.945.500.50
6.00NSC Norfolk Southern CorporationRailroads$222.9427.686.000.00
6.00NUAN Nuance Communications, Inc.Software-Application$32.9863.556.000.00
6.00NVCR NovoCure LimitedMedical Instruments & Supplies$108.98973.046.000.00
6.00OESX Orion Energy Systems, Inc.Electrical Equipment & Parts$7.7738.286.000.00
6.00PACB Pacific Biosciences of CalifornDiagnostics & Research$7.81N/A6.000.00
6.00PACK Ranpak Holdings CorpPackaging & Containers$11.27341.526.000.00
6.00PAR PAR Technology CorporationSoftware-Application$42.83N/A6.000.00
6.00PBD Invesco Global Clean Energy ETFn/a$20.98N/A5.330.67
6.00PEIX Pacific Ethanol, Inc.Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing$6.10N/A6.000.00
6.00PENN Penn National Gaming, Inc.Resorts & Casinos$73.00N/A6.000.00
6.00PPG PPG Industries, Inc.Specialty Chemicals$129.2530.585.670.33
6.00PRTK Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Biotechnology$6.53N/A6.000.00
6.00PVG Pretium Resources, Inc.Gold$14.1440.526.000.00
6.00RAPT RAPT Therapeutics, Inc.Biotechnology$36.71N/A6.000.00
6.00RCM R1 RCM Inc.Health Information Services$16.12113.526.000.00
6.00REGI Renewable Energy Group, Inc.Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing$47.373.866.000.00
6.00RUN Sunrun Inc.Solar$59.52N/A6.000.00
6.00SFIX Stitch Fix, Inc.Specialty Retail$28.29N/A6.000.00
6.00SGMS Scientific Games CorpGambling$30.85N/A5.830.17
6.00SGRY Surgery Partners, Inc.Medical Care Facilities$23.62N/A6.000.00
6.00SHAK Shake Shack, Inc.Restaurants$68.14N/A6.000.00
6.00SHW Sherwin-Williams Company (The)Specialty Chemicals$712.5537.976.000.00
6.00SIBN SI-BONE, Inc.Medical Devices$23.67N/A6.000.00
6.00SILK Silk Road Medical, Inc.Medical Devices$68.35N/A6.000.00
6.00SPAQ Spartan Energy Acquisition CorpShell Companies$16.27169.486.000.00
6.00STNE StoneCo Ltd.Software-Application$52.26277.986.000.00
6.00STOK Stoke Therapeutics, Inc.Biotechnology$34.85N/A5.830.17
6.00STRM Streamline Health Solutions, InHealth Information Services$1.69187.786.000.00
6.00SWAV ShockWave Medical, Inc.Medical Devices$70.70N/A6.000.00
6.00TANH Tantech Holdings Ltd.Household & Personal Products$2.17N/A6.000.00
6.00TCS Container Store (The)Specialty Retail$6.19158.726.000.00
6.00TEL TE Connectivity Ltd. New SwitzeElectronic Components$101.09N/A6.000.00
6.00TGH Textainer Group Holdings LimiteRental & Leasing Services$14.5816.066.000.00
6.00TKR Timken Company (The)Tools & Accessories$56.8213.526.000.00
6.00TPOR Direxion Daily Transportation Bull 3X Sharesn/a$20.92N/A6.000.00
6.00TPTX Turning Point Therapeutics, IncBiotechnology$84.01N/A6.000.00
6.00TRIL Trillium Therapeutics Inc.Biotechnology$15.39N/A6.000.00
6.00TRTN Triton International LimitedRental & Leasing Services$40.449.976.000.00
6.00TSM Taiwan Semiconductor ManufacturSemiconductors$81.9136.736.000.00
6.00TUP Tupperware Brands CorporationPackaging & Containers$26.55N/A6.000.00
6.00VRTU Virtusa CorporationInformation Technology Services$50.6539.976.000.00
6.00VSLR Vivint Solar, Inc.Solar$32.74N/A6.000.00
6.00WIT Wipro LimitedInformation Technology Services$4.8319.556.000.00
6.00WKHS Workhorse Group, Inc.Auto Manufacturers$28.03N/A6.000.00
6.00XBIT XBiotech Inc.Biotechnology$20.191.326.000.00
6.00Z Zillow Group, Inc.Internet Content & Information$96.45N/A6.000.00
6.00ZG Zillow Group, Inc.Internet Content & Information$95.97N/A6.000.00