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Alert HQ's ETF Analysis - trend and performance rankings for over 2000 ETFs

Welcome to our ETF analysis pages. Here we will try to answer some of your questions regarding ETFs and hopefully identify some good investment opportunities in the ETF space.

We are often asked the following questions:

"ETF vs index fund" - what's the difference? Not much! ETFs are generally based on an index that has been developed, often by a third party, and the ETF's managers work to make the ETF a good representation of the index by buying all the same stocks listed in the index. Following an index rather than actively picking stocks is known as passive investing.

"ETF vs mutual fund" - how are they different? ETFs can be traded throughout the day but mutual funds trade only at the end of the day. Many mutual funds have active management, whereas most ETFs are based on an index as described above. In the case of active management, invest managers follow their own investment processes rather than simply following an index. Note, however, the mutual fund world is quite complicated and some mutual funds do follow indexes (just like ETFs) and others don't. Fees is another area where there can be differences. In general, ETF fees are lower than mutual fund fees because the ETF passive investing style is cheaper to implement and the savings are passed on to investors. It must be said that investors must beware of fees in both ETFs andmutual funds. The more complicated the investment process, the higher the fees. For example, some ETFs write covered calls and some implement a fund-of-funds approach. These kinds if ETFs can have much higher fees that a plain vanilla ETF or mutual fund.

"What kinds of ETFS are out there?" These days there are ETFS targeting almost every imaginable investment need.

What ETF to buy? Use our analysis to guide your ETF trading

Alert HQ's ETF Analysis covers over 1600 index funds. Our comprehensive technical analysis provides a set of special stock screens that focus on:

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