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What's this all about?

When trading leveraged ETFs, ProShares or Direxion ETFs, for example, it can sometimes be tricky setting stops. An investor must evaluate the underlying index and translate that evaluation into an appropriate stop for the leveraged ETF.

Some ETFs are leveraged 2X, such as the ProShares ETFs. Others are leveraged 3X like the Direxion ETFs. This will tend to exagerate any moves in the underlying index so it is important to understand how the ETFs will react.

How does it work?

The TradeRadar Stop Calculator retrieves the current value of the underlying index and the current price of the leveraged ETFs you are interested in. You can enter either a percent change in the underlying index (plus for gains, minus for losses) or a new price level for the underlying index. The calculator will translate those inputs into values that can be used as hard stops or trailing stops.

EXAMPLE: If you are using a leveraged short ETF, select it from the Leveraged ETF list dropdown. The current price for both the underlying index and the leveraged ETF will be automatically populated in the form. Enter the potential price level the underlying index might rise to and click the appropriate button. It will calculate a stop for your short ETF.

Note the links for viewing the chart of the ETF or index you are interested in.

WARNING: leveraged ETFs deliver a return 2X or 3X the underlying index on a DAILY BASIS. You should therefore consider re-evalutating your stop levels on a daily basis, as well.

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