You've already had some success in the stock market. We can help you do better.

Money-making investments are out there. We can help you find them and successfully trade them.

With our E-Zone Trading System, Premium Stock Screener, Industry Inspector, Super Easy Stock Screener, Alert HQ, Stocks to Watch and Top 10 Lists you can...
  • Use the E-Zone Trading System to know when to sell, when to buy
    and when to be out of the market
  • Know which stocks are already trending upward
  • Know which stocks are just now reversing to the upside
  • Find solid, profitable companies that inspire confidence
  • Find stocks that are now on the move
  • Find stocks whose financials have recently shown improvement
  • Find the industries where most of the stocks are showing strong trending action
  • Compare fundamental valuation measures across 209 different industries
  • Find stocks that are beating the market

Adopt a disciplined trading strategy with the E-Zone System

Alert HQ - click for free stock picks The E-Zone Trading System provides your personal stock timing and trading signals using the latest in genetic, adaptive programming.
  • Let the E-Zone Trading System identify the Buy and Sell zones for each stock in your portfolio
  • Use the next week's Exit & Entry Zones to determine whether to trade
  • Protect your investments and avoid costly "Buy & Hold" mistakes
  • Daily signals also available for those who choose to trade more agressively

Get the information that suits your investment style:

Growth, Value, Dividends, Momentum, Trend Following, Swing Trading, Position Trading, you name it...
  • No matter what strategy or style you use, our stock screener's extensive combination of financial measures and technical indicators allows you to zero in on those stocks that measure up.
  • Mix and match our stock screener criteria and build watch lists based on different industries or investment styles

Don't chase stocks. Get in early - be the first to find stocks making a move

  • We especially focus on the most recent changes in financial fundamentals and changes in technical indicators that have taken place during the last few weeks or the last few days
  • We have the only stock screener that allows you to adjust the date against which the screen is run
  • Our email alerts can notify you as soon as an event occurs - breakouts, breakdowns, earnings, dividends, etc.
Alert HQ - click for free stock picks

Find unknown gems

The robust combination of criteria in our screener, working against a database of over 6000 stocks, guarantees you will find some stocks that will be new to you but may make excellent investments
  • Expand your investment universe to include over 6000 stocks, ETFs, ADRs and closed end funds, from micro-caps to mega-caps, domestic U.S. and foreign companies
  • Be prepared to be surprised at some of the quality companies, flying under the radar, that our screener will identify

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