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Feature Free Trial Account "All-in-one" Investment Research and Trading Premium Account
  Provides access to most features of the site for 30 days. Lets you decide if you want to upgrade to one our our paid Premium accounts. This account is for those investors who want to find great investment candidates and also want to use our E-Zone Signals to implement a disciplined trading system.
Access to Stock Search including stock snapshot, daily call, interactive chart and detailed data Unlimited page views. Plus, get premium data for 30 days Unlimited page views including premium data
Access to our E-Zone Trading System Unlimited E-Zone Quick Quote page views for 30 days Unlimited use of Quick Quote trading signals.
Creation of E-Zone Portfolios 2 portfolios during free trial period Unlimited use, unlimited portfolios including trading signals.
Receive daily/weekly E-Zone email alerts No access but alert info is always available on Portfolio page during free trial period Unlimited email alerts and trading signals.
Access to our Super Easy Stock Screener Yes, for 30 days Yes
Access to our Premium Stock Screener Yes, for 30 days Yes
Save custom presets for the Premium Stock Screener Yes, save up to two presets Yes, Create and save an unlimited number of presets
Be able to use shared screener presets from our user community Yes, use up to two shared presets Yes, use as many shared screener presets as you want
Access to the Industry Inspector Yes, for 30 days Yes
Access to all five of our Top 10 Lists Unlimited access for 30 days Unlimited access
Set up watch lists Yes, create up to 2 watchlists with as many as 5 stocks on each Yes, create unlimited watchlists with an unlimited number of stocks on each
Receive email alerts when financial and technical events occur Yes, enter up to 5 stocks on your alert list Yes, enter an unlimited number of stocks on your alert list and get the E-Zone trading signals, too
Receive access to all Alert HQ, Stocks to Watch and special reports Yes Yes
Receive a generous discount when purchasing the TradeRadar Stock Inspector stock analysis software $20 dollar discount 50% discount worth up to $50

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