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Data current as of: Oct 18, 2018

Fundamental and Valuation Measures - updated one to three times a week
Price Sector Industry
Price/Cash Price/Free Cash Flow Quarterly Sales Growth (yoy) Quarterly EPS Growth(yoy)
Dividend Yield (TTM) Return on Equity Sequential
Sales growth
Sequential EPS growth
Enterprise Value/EBITDA Debt/Equity Market Cap.
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Technical Analysis Patterns and Signals - collected over the last few weeks
 Use only most recent data and signals?
Currently in strong
bullish trend?
Simple Trend Reversal Bollinger Band Breakouts Gaps
Swing Signals Trade-Radar Reversal Alerts Above/Below S&P 500
Technical Analysis - daily technicals updated three times week
20-Day Exponential Moving Average 50-Day Exponential Moving Average 200-Day Exponential Moving Average
DMI   Aroon   MACD
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