Better support for penny stocks

We wanted to let everyone know that we have improved support for penny stocks on our E-Zone Quick Quote page.

Previously, low-priced stocks were difficult to evaluate. The information got all scrunched up on the charts, E-Zone numbers were not rendered to the sufficient level of precision, etc.

All that has now been addressed. When you evaluate a penny stock, you will now see that the chart automatically scales to provide a full, detailed view of the calculated E-Zones. The entry and exit zone numbers are also given to four digits precision.

With these improvements, it will be much easier for penny-stock traders to evaluate price moves of only pennies or fractions of pennies.

Also, please be aware that many penny stocks are listed on pink sheets or over the counter bulletin board markets. Follow the link at the top of the Quick Quote page (it’s just to the right of the GO button) over to the Yahoo list of exchanges to find a list of all the exchanges that we support. Just above this link is an example of how to tack an exchange code onto a stock symbol so the Quick Quote page can pull the appropriate price data. Don’t forget, this also works for non-U.S. stock traders so they can evaluate stocks on foreign stock exchanges.

Happy holidays to all our users and good luck in your trading!

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