50 Top Momentum Stocks
according to Trend Score Change

Bullish Momentum = a big increase in Trend Score

Every other day we scan and test all the stocks on the major exchanges as part of our Alert HQ process. We look at multiple technical indicators including a few that we have devised here at TradeRadar.

This report lists the 50 stocks showing the most recent burst of bullish momentum based on daily data. We define bullish momentum as a big increase in trend score. Then we sort the list according to overall trend score from best to worst so you can quickly see the ones with the most promising charts.

Trend Score is our proprietary combination of technical factors reduced to a signal number that allows us to quickly identify stocks on the move. Factors include Moving Averages, Wilder's DMI (ADX), Aroon and MACD. We combine the scores for each of these indicators into a composite score that ranges from 0 to 6 that shows how strongly a stock is trending in a bullish direction.

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50 Top Momentum stocks according to Trend Score Change for Mar 25, 2017

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Trend Score Change Symbol Name Industry Last Price PE Ratio Recent Trend Score Previous Trend Score
3.00SAAS inContact, Inc.n/a$13.99N/A3.670.67
2.33XRS TAL Education Groupn/a$106.37N/A5.833.50
2.17SEB Seaboard CorporationConglomerates$3,879.0014.553.000.83
2.17CSTE Caesarstone Ltd.General Building Materials$35.4517.044.001.83
2.00DDG ProShares Short Oil & Gasn/a$25.19N/A3.671.67
2.00BCOV Brightcove Inc.Application Software$9.05N/A4.002.00
2.00GARD Reality Shares Divcon Dividend Guard ETFn/a$21.41N/A4.002.00
2.00INTX Intersections Inc.Consumer Services$3.88N/A4.672.67
2.00YUME YuMe, Inc.Advertising Agencies$3.90N/A4.172.17
1.83COGT Cogint, Inc.Business Software & Services$4.30N/A3.001.17
1.67ZFC ZAIS Financial Corp.n/a$14.30N/A2.500.83
1.50ASPS Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A.Business Services$31.4921.574.503.00
1.50DXCM DexCom, Inc.Medical Laboratories & Research$82.62N/A3.672.17
1.50EIX Edison InternationalElectric Utilities$80.7120.305.333.83
1.50HCN Welltower Inc.REIT - Healthcare Facilities$69.6724.793.672.17
1.50IPOS Renaissance International IPO ETFn/a$19.38N/A4.172.67
1.50MBUU Malibu Boats, Inc.Recreational Goods, Other$21.5819.275.003.50
1.50RLGY Realogy Holdings Corp.Property Management$29.4920.205.003.50
1.50TYNS Direxion Daily 7-10 Yr Trs Bear 1X ETFn/a$28.88N/A4.002.50
1.34EVH Evolent Health, Inc.Healthcare Information Services$20.85N/A4.673.33
1.34JYN iPath JPY/USD Exchange Rate ETNn/a$49.82N/A2.170.83
1.34EMLP First Trust North Amer Engy InfrasETFn/a$25.08N/A2.671.33
1.34FXSG CurrencyShares Singapore Dollar ETFn/a$70.60N/A3.171.83
1.34MHGC Morgans Hotel Group Co.n/a$2.15N/A2.671.33
1.34UJB ProShares Ultra High Yieldn/a$62.62N/A3.171.83
1.33ASC Ardmore Shipping CorporationShipping$7.8062.902.501.17
1.33DDP DB Commodity Short ETNn/a$52.25N/A3.001.67
1.33MIK The Michaels Companies, Inc.Specialty Retail, Other$21.9612.062.501.17
1.33SMB VanEck Vectors AMT-Free Short Muni ETFn/a$17.41N/A2.000.67
1.33ALFI AlphaClone International ETFn/a$21.11N/A5.003.67
1.33CARZ First Trust NASDAQ Global Auto ETFn/a$36.41N/A3.332.00
1.33DBES Deutsche X-trackers MSCIEAFE SmCp HdgdEqn/a$26.52N/A4.503.17
1.33DBIF Deutsche X-trackers S & P Hdgd Glbl Infrasn/a$24.93N/A5.003.67
1.33FUE ELEMENTS MLCX Biofuels Exch Ser TR ETNn/a$8.25N/A3.502.17
1.33HACW iShares Currency Hedged MSCI ACWIn/a$26.03N/A4.503.17
1.33HDEF Deutsche X-trackers MSCI EAFE HiDvYdHgEqn/a$24.28N/A4.503.17
1.33HEWL iShares Currency Hedged MSCI SWZn/a$24.94N/A4.503.17
1.33HEWY iShares Currency Hedged MSCI South Korean/a$26.58N/A5.003.67
1.33IPB Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.n/a$26.91N/A3.832.50
1.33ISZE iShares Edge MSCI Intl Size Factorn/a$25.10N/A5.003.67
1.33JPEU JPMorgan Diversified Return Eurp Eq ETFn/a$52.00N/A5.003.67
1.33MLPO Credit Suisse S & P MLP ETNn/a$16.93N/A5.003.67
1.33MLPS UBS ETRACS 1xM Shrt Alrn MLP Infr TR ETNn/a$11.21N/A2.831.50
1.33OSHC Ocean Shore Holding Co.n/a$27.25N/A5.504.17
1.33PGD iPath Asian & Gulf Ccy Reval ETNn/a$48.38N/A2.831.50
1.33PWX Providence and Worcester Railroad Companyn/a$25.03N/A4.833.50
1.33QED IQ Hedge Event-Driven Tracker ETFn/a$20.49N/A4.002.67
1.33QEH AdvisorShares QAM Equity Hedge ETFn/a$28.69N/A3.502.17
1.33RPTP Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp.n/a$9.00N/A5.504.17
1.33SFLA iPath Long Extended S & P 500 TR ETNn/a$236.94N/A6.004.67