E*TRADE Commission Free ETFs - Trend Score Changes based on Daily data

What's this all about?

Every week we review more than 300 ETFs including all those available to trade commission-free at E*TRADE. To make it easier for E*TRADE customers, they are all grouped together on this one report including the Wisdom Tree, Global X and db-X ETFs. We look at a number of trending indicators and score each ETF according to how bullish each indicator looks.

We look at moving averages, Wilder's DMI (ADX), Aroon and MACD. We combine the scores for each of these indicators into a composite score that ranges from 0 to 6 that shows how strongly the ETF is trending in a bullish direction. In other words, a score of 6.0 would be strongly bullish while a score of 0.0 would be pretty bearish.

This report looks at how each ETF's ranking has changed since last week in comparison to all the other ETFs. In other words, we calculate the change in trend and then rank the ETFs accordingly.

You can use these scores to find ETFs that have bullish momentum, to help identify in-favor sectors or, if you are more of a contrarian, to look for bargains in out-of-favor sectors.

Scroll down to review this week's data in a tabular format. And remember, you can click on column headings to sort and hover over each individual symbol to see a chart.

Trend Score Change for E*TRADE Commission-Free ETFs for Apr 27, 2017

(click column headings to sort, hover over Symbol for chart)

Trend Score Change Symbol Name Last Price Recent Trend Score Previous Trend Score Change in Price Percent Change in Price
1.16DNLWisdomTree Global ex-US Qual Div Gr ETF$51.424.833.670.000.00%
1.00DBJPDeutsche X-trackers MSCI Japan Hedged Eq$37.913.332.330.110.29%
1.00RRFWisdomTree Global Real Return ETF$40.622.831.830.390.97%
0.84CHIXGlobal X China Financials ETF$14.563.172.33-0.01-0.07%
0.83DFJWisdomTree Japan SmallCap Dividend ETF$67.843.502.670.650.97%
0.83DTNWisdomTree Dividend ex-Financials ETF$82.413.502.67-0.13-0.16%
0.67DHSWisdomTree High Dividend ETF$68.463.502.83-0.21-0.31%
0.67DXJWisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity ETF$51.223.673.000.430.85%
0.67QQQCGlobal X NASDAQ China Technology ETF$23.513.002.330.502.17%
0.66CHIIGlobal X China Industrials ETF$14.243.833.170.120.85%
0.66DBEMDeutsche X-trackers MSCI Em Mkts Hdgd Eq$21.063.833.17-0.01-0.05%
0.66SDIVGlobal X SuperDividend ETF$21.764.834.170.020.09%
0.50ALDWisdomTree Asia Local Debt ETF$44.373.332.83-0.02-0.05%
0.50SOCLGlobal X Social Media ETF$26.435.174.670.712.76%
0.17ANDGlobal X FTSE Andean 40 ETF$8.614.504.33-0.08-0.92%
0.17ASEAGlobal X FTSE Southeast Asia ETF$14.344.674.50-0.11-0.76%
0.17DESWisdomTree SmallCap Dividend ETF$
0.17DONWisdomTree MidCap Dividend ETF$98.694.003.83-0.11-0.11%
0.17EESWisdomTree SmallCap Earnings ETF$
0.17EPIWisdomTree India Earnings ETF$24.825.004.83-0.14-0.56%
0.17GXFGlobal X FTSE Nordic Region ETF$21.455.004.830.110.52%
0.17LITGlobal X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF$28.634.504.33-0.24-0.83%
0.16CHIEGlobal X China Energy ETF$10.731.831.670.060.56%
0.00AUNZWisdomTree Australia & NZL Dbt ETF$18.243.833.830.000.00%
0.00AXJLWisdomTree Asia Pacific ex-Japan ETF$63.843.833.83-0.79-1.22%
0.00BRAQGlobal X Brazil Consumer ETF$14.214.504.50-0.13-0.91%
0.00CHIQGlobal X China Consumer ETF$13.494.504.50-0.05-0.37%
0.00COPXGlobal X Copper Miners ETF$
0.00CYBWisdomTree Chinese Yuan Strategy ETF$24.251.671.670.070.29%
0.00DBBRDeutsche X-trackers MSCI Brazil Hedgd Eq$10.921.831.830.050.46%
0.00DBEFDeutsche X-trackers MSCI EAFE Hedged Eq$30.083.833.830.030.10%
0.00DEMWisdomTree Emerging Markets High Div ETF$40.993.173.17-0.35-0.85%
0.00DFEWisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend ETF$63.125.335.330.170.27%
0.00DGSWisdomTree Emerging Markets SmCp Div ETF$44.993.833.83-0.20-0.44%
0.00DIMWisdomTree International MidCap Div ETF$
0.00DLNWisdomTree LargeCap Dividend ETF$83.353.833.83-0.17-0.20%
0.00DLSWisdomTree International SmallCp Div ETF$67.695.
0.00DOLWisdomTree International LargeCp Div ETF$46.384.174.17-0.19-0.41%
0.00DRWWisdomTree Global ex-US Real Estate ETF$29.074.504.50-0.34-1.16%
0.00DTDWisdomTree Total Dividend ETF$84.573.833.83-0.30-0.35%
0.00DTHWisdomTree International High Div ETF$41.093.833.83-0.27-0.65%
0.00DWMWisdomTree International Equity ETF$50.874.174.17-0.14-0.27%
0.00EPSWisdomTree Earnings 500 ETF$82.533.833.83-0.02-0.02%
0.00EXTWisdomTree Total Earnings ETF$84.523.833.83-0.15-0.18%
0.00EZMWisdomTree MidCap Earnings ETF$
0.00EZYWisdomTree LargeCap Value ETF$71.603.833.830.060.08%
0.00HEDJWisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity ETF$64.875.175.17-0.04-0.06%
0.00ICNWisdomTree Indian Rupee Strategy ETF$22.633.833.830.000.00%
0.00SOILGlobal X Fertilizers/Potash ETF$9.302.
-0.16BRAZGlobal X Brazil Mid Cap ETF$9.952.172.33-0.01-0.10%
-0.17ARGTGlobal X MSCI Argentina ETF$28.634.334.50-0.37-1.28%
-0.33DOOWisdomTree Intl Div ex-Fincls ETF$39.873.173.50-0.24-0.60%
-0.34GULFWisdomTree Middle East Dividend Fund$17.241.331.67-0.42-2.38%
-0.34NORWGlobal X MSCI Norway ETF$11.251.832.17-0.04-0.35%
-0.34DEWWisdomTree Global High Dividend ETF$45.072.833.17-0.25-0.55%
-0.50WDTIWisdomTree Managed Futures Strategy ETF$39.730.671.17-0.08-0.20%
-0.50BZFWisdomTree Brazilian Real Strategy ETF$
-0.50URAGlobal X Uranium ETF$13.810.831.33-0.84-5.73%
-0.66AUSEWisdomTree Australia Dividend ETF$54.421.672.33-0.94-1.70%
-0.66CHIMGlobal X China Materials ETF$16.361.672.33-0.42-2.50%
-1.00SILGlobal X Silver Miners ETF$34.190.501.50-0.19-0.55%
-1.17ELDWisdomTree Emerging Markets Lcl Dbt ETF$37.683.334.50-0.27-0.71%
-1.34CEWWisdomTree Emerging Currency Strat ETF$18.412.333.67-0.05-0.27%
-1.50GXGGlobal X MSCI Colombia ETF$9.322.504.00-0.16-1.69%