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What's this all about?

Every week we review all the stocks listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ, over 7400 securities in all. We perform the analysis on daily data and weekly data. As a byproduct of this process we generate swing signals based on Bollinger Bands, Williams %R and a couple of other technical analysis indicators. We've extended the pattern recognition process to include gaps based on weekly data.

Our Gap Analysis Signals based on weekly data can be used for trading over weeks or months, or intermediate-term trading. Our Gap Analysis Signals provide BUY SELL signals you can use for buying or shorting stocks and for ETF trading.

- Bearish Signals

Using weekly data, we look for stocks that have gapped downward during the course of the last week or, having previously gapped up, have now closed the gap by trading below the level from which it gapped up. Only the most recent gap in the last week is evaluated.

- Bullish Signals

Using weekly data, we look for stocks that have gapped upward during the course of the last week or, having previously gapped down, have now closed the gap by trading above the level from which it gapped down. Only the most recent gap in the last week is evaluated.

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50 Gaps - TradeRadar Weekly Gap Analysis for MARCH 24, 2017:

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[ Gaps based on Daily Data ]

SignalSymbolNameExchangeLast PriceMarket CapPE RatioPrice to SalesPrice to BookPEG RatioDebt to EquityPrice to Free Cash FlowCash Flow Yield Dividend Yield
Bearish - Gap DownAFSIAmTrust Financial Services, Inc.NasdaqGS18.33$3,120,000,0007.70.561.160.580.353.7924.73%3.71%
Bullish - Gap UpAINCAshford, Inc.NYSE MKT59.36$119,600,000N/A1.7693.20070No Debt1.614.52%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownAMRIAlbany Molecular Research, Inc.NasdaqGS13.21$550,040,000N/A0.951.821.092.02N/A5.59%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpAMWDAmerican Woodmark CorporationNasdaqGS89.80$1,460,000,00021.961.414.362.60.0733.872.25%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpAWIArmstrong World Industries, Inc.NYSE44.80$2,410,000,00023.911.969.171.763.19N/A3.88%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpBIDSotheby'sNYSE46.51$2,460,000,00036.623.064.871.642.3017.9541.19%0.22%
Bullish - Closed GapBOILProShares Ultra Bloomberg Natural GasNYSEArca11.97N/AN/AN/AN/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A
Bearish - Gap DownCDTXCidara Therapeutics, Inc.NasdaqGM7.25$121,810,000N/AN/A1.420No DebtN/A-25.48%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownCGGCGGNYSE6.90$152,720,000N/A0.130.1302.450.61155.32%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpCNCEConcert Pharmaceuticals, Inc.NasdaqGM17.40$388,400,000N/A2294.4074.6620No DebtN/A-12.33%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownCRMTAmerica's Car-Mart, Inc.NasdaqGS34.35$267,830,00015.40.461.162.620.5027.441.14%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpCTMXCytomX Therapeutics, Inc.NasdaqGS17.79$649,660,000N/A42.298.10No DebtN/A0.82%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpCYHCommunity Health Systems, Inc.NYSE9.54$1,060,000,000N/A0.050.638.959.162.754.34%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpDDCDominion Diamond CorporationNYSE12.72$1,060,000,000N/A1.690.86-1.32No DebtN/A-16.85%3.14%
Bullish - Gap UpDGASDelta Natural Gas Company, Inc.NasdaqGS30.31$215,900,00034.43.252.818.620.6325.58-1.15%2.74%
Bearish - Closed GapDGAZVelocityShares 3x Inv Natural Gas ETNNYSEArca21.86N/AN/AN/AN/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullish - Gap UpFBRCFBR & Co.NasdaqGS17.70$125,260,000N/A1.281.051.04No DebtN/A33.24%4.52%
Bullish - Gap UpFORTYFormula Systems (1985) Ltd.NasdaqGS41.93$598,200,00028.140.53961.778300.3813.42N/A2.29%
Bullish - Gap UpFTWFirst Trust Taiwan AlphaDEX ETFNasdaqGM35.23$3,520,000,000N/AN/AN/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullish - Gap UpGJTSynthetic Fixed-Income Securities, Inc.NYSE18.75$26,250,000,000N/AN/AN/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullish - Gap UpGOGOGogo Inc.NasdaqGS10.80$932,000,000N/A1.61N/A-0.53N/AN/A-12.17%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpINDLDirexion Daily MSCI India Bull 3x ETFNYSEArca68.20N/AN/AN/AN/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A
Bearish - Gap DownITUSITUS CorporationNasdaqCM2.43$21,280,000N/A83.2N/A0N/AN/A-13.91%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpKBKB Financial Group Inc.NYSE45.36$18,070,000,0009.382.980.662.261.60N/A13640.89%2.40%
Bullish - Gap UpKINSKingstone Companies, Inc.NasdaqCM15.15$160,910,00013.292.112.150No Debt8.4113.60%1.65%
Bearish - Closed GapKOLDProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Natrl GasNYSEArca30.10N/AN/AN/AN/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullish - Gap UpKORUDirexion Daily South Korea Bull 3X ETFNYSEArca37.50N/AN/AN/AN/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullish - Gap UpLCUTLifetime Brands, Inc.NasdaqGS19.90$289,840,00018.430.481.441.380.4410.9981.07%0.85%
Bullish - Gap UpLJPCLa Jolla Pharmaceutical CompanyNasdaqCM34.92$637,670,000N/A1038.1511.76-0.53No DebtN/A-12.15%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpLMOSLumos Networks Corp.NasdaqGS17.66$655,190,000N/A3.1644.8433.623.29N/A-4.26%0.79%
Bullish - Gap UpMBLYMobileye N.V.NYSE60.78$13,480,000,000132.1337.5919.271.18No Debt89.551.49%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownMNTAMomenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.NasdaqGS13.55$936,070,000N/A8.442.490No Debt410.5618.48%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpNKTRNektar TherapeuticsNasdaqGS22.42$3,450,000,000N/A20.9539.182.232.79N/A-6.38%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownNPKNational Presto Industries, Inc.NYSE98.55$685,220,00015.412.041.990No Debt11.5721.46%1.01%
Bearish - Gap DownOSIROsiris Therapeutics, Inc.NasdaqGM3.93$135,400,00093.571.541.670No DebtN/A-25.85%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpPLKIPopeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.NasdaqGS78.98$1,640,000,00039.896.09195.01218.9629.2913.66%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpQVCBQVC GroupNasdaqGS19.34$8,790,000,00019.7340.861.82401.318.2415.11%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpRGCORGC Resources, Inc.NasdaqGM20.02$144,240,00023.472.312.4900.72N/A-18.16%2.90%
Bearish - Gap DownRTKRentech, Inc.NasdaqCM0.47$10,900,0000.04510.03920.040500.400.72-175.78%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownSGYStone Energy CorporationNYSE20.85$20,600,000N/A0.06N/A7.41N/AN/A161.75%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownSSTKShutterstock, Inc.NYSE41.00$1,410,000,00045.052.834.932.44No Debt23.043.18%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownSUNWSunworks, Inc.NasdaqCM1.34$27,940,000N/A0.331.1500.0427.13-14.32%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpTGTXTG Therapeutics, Inc.NasdaqCM11.40$647,280,000N/A4061.4717.250No DebtN/A-10.53%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpTROXTronox LimitedNYSE16.35$1,900,000,000N/A0.931.910N/AN/AN/A1.10%
Bearish - Gap DownTRVNTrevena, Inc.NasdaqGS3.55$202,810,000N/A54.692.5500.17N/A-55.32%N/A
Bearish - Gap DownTVIXVelocityShares Daily 2x VIX ST ETNNYSEArca39.56N/AN/AN/AN/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullish - Closed GapUGAZVelocityShares 3x Long Natural Gas ETNNYSEArca20.04N/AN/AN/AN/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullish - Closed GapUNGUnited States Natural GasNYSEArca7.48N/AN/AN/AN/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A
Bullish - Gap UpVSARVersartis, Inc.NasdaqGS21.10$739,470,000N/AN/A4.730No DebtN/A-10.08%N/A
Bullish - Gap UpYINYintech Investment Holdings LimitedNasdaqGS19.97$1,380,000,0009.23.742.890No DebtN/A122.39%4.01%

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